Are you headed out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday? Perhaps going to grandma’s house or a friend’s? If any of these apply you might want to map out a plan before you hit the road, skies, or waterways to avoid any troubles.

Apparently, the Thanksgiving travel season is predicted to be the busiest in 14 years, according to AAA Travel, with over 55 million U.S. travelers heading out of town.

Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, reveals three surprising Thanksgiving travel trends for this busy holiday season that you might be surprised to learn.

Financial Matters are the Main Concern
While the weather was the main concern last year, this year more Thanksgiving travelers want coverage to cancel a trip due to financial concerns or work reasons should something unexpected or odd occur, according to a Squaremouth news release. Additionally:

  • After seeing multiple travel suppliers declare bankruptcy earlier this year, 280% more travelers are looking for protection if their travel supplier goes insolvent.
  • Traveler interest in being able to cancel a trip if they are unexpectedly unable to take time off work or are laid off has increased by 50%.

Notable International Destination Spikes
Moreover, international destinations are seeing more U.S. travelers visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday compared to last year, with an average increase of 63% to top destinations. Thanksgiving in a warm climate? On the beach? keep reading:

  • Holiday travel to Jamaica tripled since last year, making it the fourth most popular destination for Thanksgiving travelers.
  • France has become more popular with a 145% increase in visitors this Thanksgiving travel season.
  • Italy is seeing a 105% increase in visitation, even though travelers are spending 73% more on their trips, making it the most expensive Thanksgiving destination this year.

U.S. Still Top Choice for Travelers
But for the third year in a row, the United States is the most popular destination for U.S. travelers this Thanksgiving, increasing by over 12%. There’s no place like home, right?

Travelers are choosing to spend less on their domestic trips this year, spending an average of $2,464.

Needless to say, wherever you’re headed for the Thanksgiving holiday be safe, have fun and relish the time with friends, family, and loved ones.

Source: Squaremouth