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Select Student Services is a membership benefits program. After enrolling in this program, you will have access to eight key services that will help streamline your financial life. These services include certain student loan processes such as recertification of your income-driven repayment plan, changing your repayment plan, forbearance, and deferment.

However, we have many other services that will empower you in other financial areas in your life. If you need an appraisal of your home, a copy of your credit report that has been reviewed by a professional, help with filing your taxes, resolving tax problems, and help with setting financial goals, all are available to you once you become a Select Student Services member.

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select student services

We strive to provide the most professional assistance and customer service to our members. We want our members to achieve financial freedom and be able to enjoy life rather than stress about their financial situation. To learn more about our membership services, please visit our page here to learn more about the full benefits of becoming a Select Student Services member.

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