As cities around the country shut down amid COVID-19 fears, few industries are feeling the effects quite as harshly as restaurants. With a shelter-in-place order from California Governor Gavin Newsom in effect since March 19, many restaurants are shutting down with no news of when they might reopen.

The long term impact on restaurants and their staff is predicted to be devastating. In a matter of weeks, restaurants have gone from service as usual to, in many cases, a 100% loss in income. According to a report by the Job Quality Index (JQI), a research project from Cornell Law School and the Coalition for a Prosperous America, in the restaurant industry alone more than 10 million jobs are at risk. Many of these are low-wage positions making the potential layoffs even more devastating for vulnerable workers, according to a news release.

However, there is some hope for saving the industry through takeout and food delivery orders.

The California executive order requires all restaurant dining rooms to remain closed and asks all residents to remain at home except for essential activities. Essential businesses are allowed to remain open if they can ensure social distancing guidelines. This includes takeout and delivery restaurants.

Allowing restaurants to remain open will not only help feed local residents in lockdown but more importantly, it will help save jobs and small businesses. While restaurant dining rooms continue to shut across the country, food delivery orders are up. These orders help to support not only restaurant owners but restaurant employees and even more vulnerable gig economy workers, like those delivering for UberEats, the news release added.

Paytouch, a POS and restaurant management system, is stepping in to help.  As restaurant owners continue to stay vigilant with food safety and customers’ wellness, Paytouch is helping smooth out the transition to a delivery only system during this crisis. Its partnership with UberEats enables restaurants to recoup possible revenue through delivery orders.

“In times like these, it’s important to help the restaurant owners that have been the backbone of our communities,” says Robert Marhamat, CEO of Paytouch in the news release. “It’s time to forget about our revenues, forget about profits and focus on helping others in need. We are all in this together. As an organization, we believe it’s time to take action and do what we can to support our local restaurants and communities.”

Delivery service is a great way for restaurants to stay connected to existing customers. It allows customers to lend their support to their favorite local restaurants in this difficult time. With so many restaurants closing, offering delivery service is also a great way to connect with new customers in the area.

Source: Paytouch