If your are managing two jobs, or wearing multiple hats when it comes to making ends meet, you are not alone.

Today, many households have two incomes to keep the household working and afloat.  And, it’s not uncommon for two income streams (or more) to come from the same person, according  Wisebread.com.

If you’re in that predicament — working two jobs that eat up most (or all) of your time — you could be headed for major burnout. When this happens, you risk your health, your mental well being, and losing the money those jobs provide.

Here are some tips to bring back balance and stability to your hectic schedule.

You Must Make Time for Yourself

While it’s important to stash away a little money each month into your savings, it’s also important to tuck away some personal time, too. You may be thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day, but all work and no play is a mixture for serious burnout. When this happens, you could lose one, or all those jobs you depend on.

Even if you just take your lunch outside and eat it in the Great Outdoors, away from the chaos, that small act of getting a breather can help. Ideally, you should set aside time away from both jobs so that you can de-stress naturally. For instance, catch a movie, hang out with friends for a few hours, go for a run, ride a bike, soak in a warm bubble bath, or take up a hobby. If you don’t make some time for yourself, you are going to suffer.

Treat Yourself from Time-to-Time

If you are constantly working to pay bills and doing nothing else, you’re living to work. That’s no way to go through life. By working night and day on two or more jobs, but not seeing any of that hard work result in happiness, you’ll resent it so much you might have a breakdown.

Bottomline: Spend a little of that money on something that makes you happy. You don’t have to run out and buy a fancy watch or designer pair of shoes. Go for something small and inexpensive, but special for you and your state of mind.

Think Positive

Easier said than done, right? After all, what’s fun about working two jobs just to make ends meet? Having said that, this is your life and you can either do two jobs feeling miserable and hating life or approach it with a positive attitude.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep a daily list of the good things that happened to you that day. Even if it’s as simple as: “Today I paid all my bills and did not get charged a late fee,” it could certainly perk you up. Find the good and write it down.

Undo the Pressure

If you don’t let off steam, you could blow. However, how you do this depends on what motivates you. Some people release pressure by exercising, which is very beneficial to your health. Others party hard on the weekends. Whatever works for you to relieve pressure, do it and do it often!

Try to Make the Jobs Enjoyable

Again, not always easy, but do-able. Sure, some jobs are awful, and that is difficult to ignore on the best of days. But if you can find things to make either job slightly more tolerable, you may find it easier to juggle them all.

Keep Your House Clean

It awful having to think about housework when you’re busy, but it’s even worse to come home to a dirty house with a sink full of dishes. Working multiple jobs gives you even less time to spend cleaning, but there is a solution. Make a schedule and stick to it. Create a “chore list” and focus on what needs to be done by order of importance.

Having more than one job might not always be fun, but try to make the best of the situation as possible with one or all of these tips.