Summer is around the corner and it could be the perfect time for acquiring a part-time job in your community and make some extra cash at the same time.

Whether you are a graduating senior in high school and heading off to college in the fall, a single mom in need of extra money, or a retiree who wants to do something with your spare time, a part-time job could be the answer.

Some ideas to consider when hunting around your neighborhood or general vicinity could include the following:

  1. Check out your local library to see if it needs clerks, people to shelve books, children’s book readers or storytellers. Most communities have a library or two where you can apply, or make an appointment to talk with a staff member to find out about upcoming openings.
  2. Visit your city’s recreation department and if you live in a place where there is a community pool ask about becoming a lifeguard, snack bar cashier, cook or help in the recreational department filing. Ask about teaching a class if you have some sort of expertise in an area such as yoga, tennis, or computer skills. Check your local city’s website for openings that might fit with what you excel at and/or enjoy.
  3. Babysitting is another option. Ask around your neighborhood, as well as your friends parents if they need a babysitter. Put up posters or pass out flyers around your neighborhood with your information with days and times you might be available to babysit.
  4. Local movie theaters are often in need of ushers, people who can sell tickets, as well as serve in the refreshment and concessions areas.
  5. Become a camp counselor for area day camps or inquire about summer overnight camps where you might be able to spend a few months outside of your immediate neighborhood. It’s never too early to start looking around and contacting summer camps now before they actual kick off for summer. Summer camp offerings can range from sports to science and even educational programs for kids of all ages.
  6. Pool cleaners are always in need and may be a great way to spend time outside this summer if you don’t want to be in a mall or stuck indoors. Again, put up flyers, or ask at local pool stores and companies if they are hiring, or need help.
  7. Consider becoming a tutor if you are great at math, science, English, or any subject. Use your skills to help others learn what they are having trouble with. Contact former or current teachers at local schools and ask if they can help you get the word out that you are available for tutoring. You can set your own schedule and fees.
  8. Teaching a craft could be fun and also put some extra cash in your wallet. Are you a photographer or water colorist who knows your craft like the back of your hand? Contact local community centers, senior centers and/or day care centers to see if they need someone to teach a craft class.

Whatever type of part-time job you decide to pursue do be sure you can supply references, and testimonials, as well as show that you are indeed ready to take on the position being offered.