Sourdough, what, whole grain …

January typically sees Americans swearing off something for the sake of better health or a lower number on the scale. The villain changes from year to year, from fat to fruit to carbs.

When it comes to carbs, the target is frequently bread, that staple of the table, from toast at breakfast to sandwiches for lunch to rolls at dinner. Can this versatile carb we love be the enemy? Instead of banning the bread, make healthy choices with multiple benefits, like sourdough or whole grain.

“Carbs aren’t just in junk food or sweets,” said Jonathan Davis, artisan baker and culinary innovation leader, La Brea Bakery in a news release. “Healthy foods have carbs, too, from whole grains to vegetables to beans. Somehow the message about vegetables and fruits being healthy has sunk in, but the myth about carbs being bad persists. That’s a carb contradiction!”

Many nutritious foods are high in carbohydrates — including beans, vegetables, and fruits. Of course, much not-so-nutritious food is also high in carbs. Not surprisingly, confusion persists about what kind of carbs to eat, if any!

“The key to any food is that specific food itself, not the label we give it, like ‘carbs,'” Davis added. “You need to look at the label instead — consider the nutritional information as well as the ingredients. What’s in the bread, like whole grains, and what’s not in it, like artificial preservatives, are equally important. With any food, the more you know about how it was made, the better choices you can make.”

One example of bread with multiple health benefits is sourdough as this ancient and tasty bread:

    • Contains antioxidants, beneficial in many diverse ways
    • Acts like a prebiotic for a healthy digestive system
    • Has a low glycemic index, which keeps insulin levels steadier
    • Makes its nutrients (like folate, potassium, and magnesium) easier for the body to absorb

Source: La Brea Bakery