Calling all DIY beginners: Time to grab your tool belt and some tools so you can start doing DIY projects on your own.

Instead of hiring a handyman, here are 10 common DIY projects for beginners that any homeowner (or apartment/condo renter) can learn to do.

Not only will your humble abode look great, but you’ll feel proud you did it on your own, too.

Install a New Kitchen Backsplash: You don’t need to learn how to cut and install tile. Instead, add a stylish backsplash by using inexpensive alternative materials like tin ceiling tiles, wooden beadboard or wallpaper.

Loosen Rusty Bolts: For tough nuts and bolts, try a Bernzomatic TS3500 Multi-Use Torch. This easy-to-use tool empowers all levels of DIYers and can be used for various tasks. For this one, heat up the bolt to loosen the rust, and then turn with a wrench to remove. Discover more torch project ideas at

Conceal Ugly Wall Marks: From nail holes to furniture bumps, repair wall marks by using a simple putty knife to spread a resurfacing compound. For larger markings, you can use an adhesive patch and add an all-purpose drywall compound with a trowel. Allow to dry, then sand and repaint.

Throwback to Vintage Furniture: The rustic look is trending but rather than spend hundreds on store-bought furniture, get the same look for less money and have a blast making it look vintage yourself. Add an aged look to wooden furniture including patio sets, tables, or decor items such as picture frames using a torched patina effect. The Bernzomatic TS3500 Multi-Use Torch provides ultimate control for steady strokes back and forth on raw wood to bring out the natural wood grain without having to apply a stain. It only takes a few seconds for a new, but old look!

Make the Perfect Patio: If you want a new patio, but want prefer skipping the mortar, consider flagstone. These beautiful flat stones fit together like jig saw puzzle pieces to create a small patio, meditation garden or a simple reading area anywhere in your yard.

Fix Broken Sporting Equipment: If you need to repair the grips on your bike, tennis racket or even ice hockey sticks, take off the old grip and use a torch to soften the adhesive. This makes it easier to remove the older grip. Simply add new grips around the now adhesive-free surfaces.

Easy Way to Hang Pictures:  If you want to hang a few small pictures, put masking tape on the wall before hammering or drilling. This will ensure the wall or paint doesn’t crack. Also, place a folded sticky note on the wall before drilling, it will capture any dust.

Give Landscaping Beds Pizzazz: If you’re landscaping needs a quick lift, mulch is an affordable, easy solution. It limits weeds and protects plants while making the space more visually appealing. Use cut outs of landscaping fabric to line the beds before spreading mulch evenly on top. Also, use a torch to singe the ends of the fabric to keep it from fraying.

Change Outlet Plates: Faded or outdated outlet plates can make an entire room look old. Update any room by installing new covers. It’s inexpensive to buy new plates and install with a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver for a great new look!

Crown Moulding Adds Excellence: High-end homes often use crown molding where the wall meets the ceiling. To get the look for a lot less, buy foam crown molding from a local home improvement store, paint and install with a foam-board adhesive. No nails required.