Being away from home is hard enough but according to, approximately one in five college females experience sexual assault through physical force, violence or incapacitation.

As college students head back to campus, Personal Safety Expert and Founder of the SABRE College Safety Program David Nance provides essential self-defense options that address the top three levels of effectiveness.

Nance also pairs personal safety gadgets for each category from SABRE, the leading personal safety brand among college students, police, and consumers worldwide.

“These self-defense options complemented by personal safety products help empower students, and ensure parents have peace of mind,” Nance said. “Knowing what works best in various threatening situations gives students more confidence on campus.”

Level 1: Draw Attention To The Threat
A good approach to frightening away an attacker and alerting people you need help is to carry an ear-piercing personal alarm. The SABRE Personal Alarm with LED Light and Snap Hook provides an LED light and personal alarm that’s audible reach range is 1200 feet (length of four football fields).

Level 2: Deter from a Safe Distance
Using pepper sprays and gels offers protection from a distance of up to 12 feet which provides a better solution when facing a potential threat. The SABRE Pepper Gel with Quick Release Whistle Keychain allows users to defend themselves while maintaining distance between themselves and a potential threat with the pepper gel. The safety whistle provides an audible deterrent. Pepper gel is a great option for students as it helps eliminate wind blowback and only affects what it directly contacts.

Level 3: Deter and Alert Trusted Contacts
The best option when faced with a threat is having the ability to notify your loved ones you need help while also providing the opportunity to defend yourself. SMART Pepper Spray connects to the free SABRE Personal Safety App and notifies your selected contacts when the pepper spray is deployed while also geo-tracking and sharing your location. With a paid subscription, the alert can also notify law enforcement.

“Being prepared is key. I am all too familiar with stories heard through personal friends and business associates. The emotional scars of an attack typically last much longer than any physical injuries,” Nance said. “Through education and continued product evolution, our goal is to empower students to live their college life with confidence enabling them to experience the many amazing things college has to offer.”

Students can also enroll in SABRE’s College Safety Program which teaches students:

    • Travel Safety
    • Active Assailant/Active Shooter Response
    • Situational Awareness/How to be Prepared & Engaged in Emergencies
    • Basic Self-Defense
    • How to Use Pepper Gel & Personal Alarms
    • Sexual Assault Risk Reduction

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Source: Sabre- Security Equipment Corp.