If you’re getting ready for the 2020 tax season the Internal Revenue Service is encouraging taxpayers, businesses, tax professionals and others to take advantage of a variety of improved e-mail subscription services.

The e-News Subscription Service has been redesigned and updated in recent months to make it easier to subscribe to specific areas that people and organizations are interested in. Among others, the IRS offers subscription services tailored to tax-exempt and government entities, small and large businesses, and individuals, it said in a news release.

The IRS currently has 20 registration-based e-News options according to the IRS news release, including:

  • IRS Tax Tips – These brief, concise tips in plain language that cover a wide range of topics of general interest to taxpayers. They include the latest on tax scams and schemes, tax reform, tax deductions, filing extensions and amending a return. IRS Tax Tips are distributed daily during tax season and periodically throughout the year.
  • IRS News in Spanish (Noticias del IRS en Español) − Readers get IRS news releases, tax tips and updates in Spanish as they are released. Subscribe at Noticias del IRS en Español.
  • e-News for Tax Professionals − Includes a weekly roundup of news releases and legal guidance specifically designed for the tax professional community. Subscribing to e-News for Tax Professionals gets tax pros a weekly summary, typically delivered on Friday afternoons.
  • IRS Outreach Connection − This newest IRS subscription offering delivers up-to-date materials for tax professionals and partner groups inside and outside the tax community. The material for Outreach Connection is specifically designed so subscribers can share the material with their clients or members through email, social media, internal newsletters, e-mails or external websites. Subscribe by visiting IRS.gov/outreachconnect.

For more information and other IRS subscriptions designed for specific groups, visit IRS e-News Subscriptions. The resources will help taxpayers and organizations keep up with the latest information during and after filing season.

Source: Internal Revenue Service