Whether you are looking for fresh peppermint for your iced tea, oregano for spaghetti sauce, or rose petals for some great smelling potpourri, the best herb garden can be grown right at home.

Imagine going out onto your terrace, balcony, or the garden you already have to pick out your own fresh, delicious herbs that can be used when cooking or for whatever you wish. Maybe you love a glorious green salad with every meal or a protein dish such as chicken marinated in your own marinade.

Instead of buying expensive herbs in the grocery store, you can grow them on your own. Growing herbs can be fun, easy and cost-effective. Think of all the money you will save by growing an array of precious herbs on your own. Plus, the possibilities are endless as to what you want to grow from season to season. As long as you are dedicated and diligent in caring for them, your herb garden should flourish right under your nose.

If you want to start your own herb garden good for you; here are some handy tips to get it done.

Determine Size

First consider the size. Big or small, the amount of time you are willing to put into creating and maintaining an herb garden is important. Remember, the larger the garden the more time it will take to keep it up.

What Kind of Herbs

Next, consider what herbs to grow. Some of the easiest to grow include: basil, oregano, parsley, chive, tarragon, rosemary and marjoram. A 15-gallon tub can host various herbs and it’s deep enough for the water that is not used by the plants to seep down.

Soil Choice

When getting ready to plant your herbs, use medium soil with an equal mix of one-part compost, one-part potting soil and one-part peat moss. Fill the container you are using with the soil mix and begin planting the seedlings. Make the hole as deep in the soil as the seedling pot, while making sure you don’t plant them too deep. Make sure the soil is packed down firmly to eliminate any air pockets, and water thoroughly.

Tending and Caring

Each day it’s important to tend and care for your herbs, so they will grow tall and healthy. Try to spend time before you go to work, or when you come home at the end of the day making sure they are getting thebon  TLC needed. Growing an herb garden can also be therapeutic for some as it helps get your mind off regular day-too-day stresses and allows you to get lost in something other than daily problems.

Always Research

Be sure to research the proper use for the herbs you are growing so that you can enjoy the benefits of these plants while being aware of any contradictions or precautions.

Growing an herb garden is certainly something anyone can do in the confines of their own yard. Have fun, be creative and enjoy the final products in all your home-cooked meals!

Bon Appétit!