Looking to better yourself? There’s a handful of ways to do it and under $100!

We’re not talking about anything drastic, these helpful ideas range from career growth to personal finance growth.

Try one or all of these inexpensive investments toward a better self.

Get a Lynda.com Membership

A good way to get ahead in any career is to become familiar with the requirements of the job you want and determine what skills you need to develop to climb up the ladder in that dream job.

For example, if you want to land more Social Media management projects but keep getting turned down because you aren’t a pro at Adobe Photoshop skills, perhaps take a class in such. Most clients look for a freelancer who can create or edit images with this software. You can also set aside about $75 for a three-month subscription to Lynda.com where you can learn not only the basics of Photoshop, but also pick up some intermediate skills, according to Wisbread.com.

Invest in Your Name as a Domain

Give yourself a professional lift by directing your potential clients or employers to YourName.com instead of a free website. Not only are domains that use names easier to share and remember, but they also let you keep a consistent appearance. Your email and URL will share the same domain name. If your name is already taken, then try easy alternatives. Most basic domain packages start at $10 per year.

Take a Professional Headshot

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) clearly states: “Employers should not ask for a photograph of an applicant.” However, the truth is that you’ll run into many cases that you will need a professional headshot. Ranging from Social Media presences to promotion announcements in the local newspaper to opportunities to contribute to a trade journal, a nice headshot will positively contribute to your career. Prices vary per city, so do your research. Don’t forget to check with your HR department; they may have such a service and/or contact your photography friends for references.

Take a Non-Credit Program at Local College

If learning online isn’t something that you want to attempt, another alternative is to enroll in a non-credit course at your local university or community college. Depending on your income, you could complete college-level courses for free through a tax credit.
Save $100 for a Week’s Food Budget

If you’re constantly asking, ‘Where did my paycheck go?’ it’s time to start taking control of your expenses. One way is to limit yourself to only $100 for food for one week and see what happens. By keeping track of your food expenses, you’ll see opportunities for saving, such as paying $5 for Starbucks lattes, and improve your budgeting skills.
Find a Hobby

Theories about self-actualization share a common belief in the need to remain enthusiastic about the future. One way to become enthused and energize your body is to learn a hobby. Choose an activity that provides you an opportunity to improve a skill or strengthen bonds with family or friends. From workout weights to water colors, there are plenty of hobbies that are under $100 to discover.

Relax Through Meditation

While stress is often part of life, it’s important to keep it under control. It has been estimated that 43 percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress and that 75 percent to 90 percent of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related issues. Try and find a way to achieve keeping stress under control through meditation. Calm.com for instance is an App that is also a free service that teaches you meditation, so you can reduce stress and improve your sleeping.