Are you heading out of town and perhaps wondering if it will be good or bad for your mental health?

A new poll reveals the effects of travel on your state of mind, and what most strongly supports our mental wellbeing when we make a trip, according to a news release.

The Numbers

The results show that the majority of respondents globally report a ‘very positive’ or ‘quite positive’ impact vacations have on their mental well-being.

  • 63% of all respondents globally report that holidays have a ‘very positive impact on their mental well-being, with a further 29% reporting a ‘quite positive’ impact – a total of 92%
  • 42% and 39% of American respondents self-report a ‘very’ and ‘quite’ positive effect  – a total of 81%
  • The most positive psychological impact of vacation travel reported by American travelers was from those in the Northeast, including states like New YorkConnecticut, and Maine (58%), with 48% from the Midwest reporting a ‘quite positive’ effect.
  • In the US, those aged 18-24 reported the highest percentage (61%) of ‘very positive’ effects of holiday travel, while those aged 25-34 reported a ‘quite positive’ effect (44%).
  • Portuguese (79%) and Italians (78%) are the highest percentage of travelers to rank its effects as ‘very positive

The poll also asked which activities most supported mental well-being while on vacation.

  • The overwhelming majority – 42% globally –  cite ‘relaxing and doing nothing‘ as being the most beneficial of all activities, followed by sightseeing (35%) and reading (19%).
  • Americans noted similar top choices but opted out of reading for more social and adventurous activities.
    • relax and do nothing 23%
    • sightseeing 22%
    • meeting new people 21%
  • 21% of US respondents ranked meeting new people the 3rd most beneficial holiday activity, compared to 12% from Spain and Germany and 13% from the UK.
  • In the US, 20% of those from the Northeast reported doing yoga or meditation as their third most important source of mental well-being while on vacation.
  • 24% of global respondents aged 18-24 derive mental benefits from adventurous activities, compared to just 14% of those aged 45-54.
  • 34% of Americans in the age group (55-64) report the positive effects of sightseeing while on vacation as contributing to their mental health- compared to just 20% of those aged 25-34.


A survey conducted for eDreams ODIGEO by OnePoll of 10,000 travelers from ItalySpainthe United States, the United KingdomSwedenPortugalGermany, and France. In the USA the survey was conducted among a sample of 2,000 respondents from March 14 to 20, 2023.

Source: eDreams ODIGEO