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The Internal Revenue Service is looking to hire motivated acquisition professionals interested in providing America’s taxpayers top-quality service. The agency’s Procurement office plans to fill 80 vacancies nationwide, many of which are contract specialists.

The IRS Procurement office provides acquisition services for IRS business units, Treasury departmental offices, and Information Technology for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The office administers all aspects of the acquisition process from planning, contract award, management, and closeout. IRS Procurement’s goal is to create agile and innovative best value contract solutions to ensure the IRS meets its mission, according to a news release.

“It’s an exciting time to work for IRS Procurement. Our culture shift of embracing innovation, agility, and speed means our procurement professionals are empowered to think outside the box and take intelligent risks,” said Shanna Webbers, IRS chief procurement officer in the news release. “Integrity in the procurement process is of utmost importance and leveraging Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) flexibilities allow us to be bold in enabling the IRS mission. We’re looking for the “best of the best” to join Team Procurement.”

Contract Specialists

Contract specialists are responsible for a full range of planning, directing, and administering complex acquisitions, which are often service-wide in scope and for pre-and/or post-award. Contract specialists will also:

  • Assist customers in developing statements of work and procurement strategy.
  • Develop evaluation plans, pricing methodologies, and administration plans.
  • Recommend streamlining initiatives and utilize the use of innovative principles to improve procurement operations and customer service.
  • Serve as an advisor on acquisitions for complex equipment, supplies, and services, which have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the entire tax system nationwide.
  • Solicit contractual proposals, as well as negotiate, execute, administer and terminate public contracts for the service.
  • Perform contract administration functions, such as verifying evidence of contractor’s progress, negotiating modifications, issuing termination notices, reviewing contract claims, approving payments, and conducting contract closeouts.
  • Ensure that all requirements of the law, executive orders, regulations, and other applicable procedures have been met and report all unlawful behavior.

Interested individuals can apply by creating a profile at To see all available IRS positions or share these job postings with friends, family, or neighbors who may be interested and qualified for the positions visit IRS Careers.

The IRS is an equal opportunity employer. All employees must be U.S. citizens, pass an FBI fingerprint check and tax compliance verification, and meet the mandatory education, training, and experience qualification requirements.

Source: IRS