You thought when you put your humble abode up for sale it would go quickly and sell without a hitch but it has been months, so what’s up? It could be a few things ranging from it smells to having old appliances from yesteryear. Luckily, here are some tips to help reassess the situation and get that home sold.

Way Too Confident

Being in a seller’s market might mean that your home will get sold for the premium price asked, no matter its condition. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes homeowners and agents get overconfident in a seller’s market and forgot what’s really at stake.

Instead be realistic from the start. Sure, you may love your house, but realize it may potentially sit on the market for quite some time. And no matter the market, remember to position your home to sell well with lots of home staging.

Big Price Tag

Sure, supply and demand almost always comes into play in a seller’s market meaning there’s high demand, yet low supply. But don’t sit on your laurels and expect to get more money for your home than it’s really worth.

Instead make sure the agent is certain of the value of your home in your market and the price is right. Get an analysis of the local market with a professional agent, check out comparables in the neighborhood and all of the trend data available.

 Add Some TLC

If you want to sell your home for the full asking price, you may need to get it in a condition that warrants a big price tag.

Instead the seller should have amenities comparable to other properties for sale in that price range and be prepared to upgrade certain amenities such as new faucets, an upgraded ceiling fan, upgraded door handle sets, etc.  Remember, a few small changes can make a big impact.

Photos Aren’t Good

 A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? It is said 90 percent of buyers start their search online and make a decision about whether to come see your house based on checking out the listing photos. If there are a few or no photos, or if the photos look bad because they weren’t professionally taken, or because the house is cluttered, many buyers will move on to the next listing.

Instead get your home staged and photographed by pros. Professional real estate photos have the ability to generate more online views and sell listings faster.

Lazy Realtor?

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your house. It’s priced right and it’s well-maintained. Perhaps it’s your agent that is the issue? Are they lazy, have a ‘who cares’ attitude?

Instead get rid of them, and hire a new agent who seems personable, interested.

Smelly House

You’ve lived in your home for years and have no idea that the kitchen smells like last night’s fish dinner or that curry recipe you tried last week is lingering. Your house stinks, plain and simple.

Instead light a scented candle or bake cookies. But if your house’s odor is persistent, it’s a good idea to learn what’s causing it and address it.  Take care of mold and mildew, pet urine on the carpet, or set-in smoke odor ASAP.

Yesterday’s Appliances

Have your kitchen appliances seen better days? Although potential buyers realize they can replace a refrigerator, stove, etc., they might also wonder what else is old and needs to be replaced.

Instead update your appliances with something new and more exciting; you don’t have to break the bank but just add some zip with a few new touches here and there.