Staycation? Europe? Florida? New York?

With 2023 gearing up to be one of the busiest summer travel times in the last few years, scammers will also be busy lurking for unsuspecting victims on unsecure networks, in airports, hotels, and anywhere travelers go.

Lower cyber risk exposure on vacation by following KnowBe4’s top seven summer cybersecurity travel tips according to a news release:

  1. Secure devices when they are not in use.
  2. Beware of public Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Use a VPN when connecting to your organization’s network.
  4. Use strong passwords.
  5. Do not share travel plans online.
  6. Use a safe for valuables and electronic devices, and make sure to change the lock code.
  7. Have backup copies of travel documents in case devices are lost or out of power.

“With travel coming back in full swing this summer, cybercriminals will surely take advantage of the hectic summer travel season with their scams and other malicious acts,” said Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4. “It is easy to let your guard down on vacation, a time when you are meant to be more carefree. However, it is critical to keep these cybersecurity tips top of mind so your travel plans do not get ruined by a hacked device or other unfortunate circumstance.”

Source: KnowBe4