Forget the summer fling if you’re single this year.

A new survey’s findings report that singles are broadening their horizons in search of summer love. 68% of respondents noted that they would happily set aside time on their prized summer vacations to go on dates to find potential romantic connections in new places.

“In recent years, the patterns of seasonal dating have shifted, and we have noticed an influx of users signing up around this time specifically to find love throughout the summer months,” said Alex Kudos, chief marketing officer of the Dating Group in a news release. “There has been a perception that people prefer to stay single for the summer and focus on more causal relationships, but we are now seeing that mindset shift as more singles are signing on in hopes of finding long-term relationships.”

Key findings include:

  • Singles looking for love everywhere. 25% of respondents noted that they dated a lifeguard. 32% reported getting intimate with a fellow summer house roommate. 30% hooked up with a bartender and 15% said they used the season of hookups to reconnect with an old flame.
  • Too hot to handle: 52% of singles reported that they’re willing to give up casual sex for committed relationships this summer hookup season. Why? They reported that, while casual encounters can be significantly enjoyable, they are looking for deeper personal intimacy as opposed to a one-night stand or a friend with benefits, despite the carefree mood of the season.
  • We’re making ourselves available. The ongoing pandemic, rise in remote work, and boundary-less options that remote work offers have made people more open to exploring the world, expanding their dating pool, and even traveling great distances to meet their soulmates. 20% of respondents noted that they’re planning to travel to meet a new lover for the first time in person this summer, after meeting and developing a relationship online.
  • A serious relationship doesn’t mean the end of hot girl summer. Despite sharing the goal of creating meaningful connections this summer, 81% of respondents noted that they’ll still be making time for multiple girls’ and guys’ nights out before the warm weather fades.

“As the summer begins and the weather gets warmer, singles are eager to make plans, meet new people, and date around,” said Maria Sullivan, vice president and dating expert of in the news release. “Although we typically see the summertime as a popular season for short-term flings, many singles are looking for longevity in addition to fun, and they aren’t afraid to be upfront about their needs.”

New Trends

When it comes to summer dating, there’s a new trend of trying to extend no strings attached relationships into long-term connections. Singles want something more meaningful, that isn’t going to change with the weather. While defining the relationship is often easier said than done, Sullivan has compiled her key insights on how to strengthen a new partnership and take things to the next level.

Sullivan’s tips for keeping the summer flame alive include:

  • Be honest about what you want from the relationship. Summer should be fun, but it’s also important that you’re being honest with yourself and your partner about your hopes and expectations. If you’re interested in creating a deeper bond with your new connection, share that with them sooner rather than later. Assess what they want out of the relationship as well. This will set you up for a smooth transition out of the summer, whether that be with or without your summer flame.
  • Have deeper conversations to figure out your long-term compatibility. To determine whether or not you’re compatible for the long haul, ask your partner about their values and interests. Learning about their likes and dislikes on a deeper level will help you identify whether this person is genuine, or if they’re materialistic and focused on surface-level qualities. Diving deeper will also help you figure out whether this is a purely physical relationship or if this is the foundation of something more meaningful and longer-lasting.
  • Make plans that extend into the fall. While it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, try to be forward-thinking while you’re together. Talk about what’s ahead, and hint that you’d like to incorporate your partner into some of your plans. How they respond can help you gauge their interest. If they’re hesitant, it might be an indicator that they’re not interested in or ready for a serious, long-term relationship with you. If they accept, then you both have something to look forward to after the summer ends.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. Although rejection stings, the worst thing that your partner can say is “no.” Also, rejection is a common and normal part of dating for everyone. It’s important to put yourself out there so that you don’t find yourself thinking, “What if?”
  • Couples, keep things hot. If you’re in a relationship, use the summer to rekindle the flame. Book weekend getaways throughout the season, or a longer trip to spend time together while trying new activities and experiences. This will strengthen your existing bond during a time when all your single friends are enjoying flings and hookups.