Even though people are locked in and unable to visit their favorite watering holes or get their hair done in some places across the country, many are still traveling.

However, despite an escalation in COVID-19 cases, Americans are still traveling this summer.

While international trips are on hold,  domestic travel is showing a steady increase. Half of U.S. travelers report that coronavirus isolation recommendations did not impact their domestic travel plans.

Americans are indeed staying closer to home and remaining stateside, according to Squaremouth.com a travel insurance aggregator. Squaremouth recently reported on three surprising trends in domestic travel amid COVID-19.

Vacation Rentals Surpass Hotel Stays

  • Vacation rentals are the most popular accommodation type, with almost 50% of travelers opting to stay at a vacation rental during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Cleanliness concerns or social distancing guidelines may have been a factor in travelers’ accommodation decisions, as 37% sad they will stay at a hotel, and only 4% plan to camp or stay in an RV for their trip.

Travelers Still Take to the Skies

  • Over 60% of travelers report they still plan to fly to their domestic destinations.
  • 88% of all domestic travelers are heading out of state for their trip.

Isolation Recommendations Only Impact Trips for Half Of US Travelers 

  • About 50% of travelers said that isolation recommendations did not change the type of trip they are taking.
  • The majority of travelers are heading for beach vacations (51%) or camping or adventure trips (35%).
  • Only 15% of travelers surveyed said they will be taking trips to a city.

Squaremouth also found a 19 percent increase in the number of U.S. travelers this year and highlights a pent up demand for travel, while international trips have been limited by travel restrictions and border closures.“We are seeing travel rebound, despite international travel bans. This increase in domestic travel is encouraging”, said Megan Moncrief, CMO of Squaremouth.com in a news release “We are happy to report that more travelers are exploring the US this year.”

Travelers are also spending approximately the same amount as last year. The average trip costs approximately $3,947 in 2020.

Even though many travelers are staying closer to home this summer, they are looking to protect their vacations with travel insurance. Squaremouth notes that a cancellation-style travel insurance policy can provide travelers peace of mind as well as important medical coverage.

Methodology: Squaremouth surveyed customers who are traveling domestically amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Data is based on responses from 863 Squaremouth.com customers.

Source: Squaremouth