A bipartisan research team has revealed in new Hispanic voter research that 60% of Hispanic respondents agree with the statement: “While I typically vote for candidates of one political party, if the other party’s candidates made an effort to reach out to me, I would consider voting differently.”

The research was conducted by Deep Root Analytics and Dewey Square Group and was designed to develop insights and television ratings for campaigns, political organizations and advocacy media buyers, according to a news release. The research will be used to better understand insights among Hispanic voters in this unique landscape and to develop a targeted buying program to communicate with this audience of voters, according to a Deep Root Analytics news release.

The analysis of key findings by partisan breaks reveals encouraging information for both major political parties.


There are significant swaths of Hispanics who support traditionally Republican policy positions. Though on many of these issues there is majority support for the Democratic position, there are many issues where there are meaningfully large numbers of Hispanics that prefer the Republican approach:

  • Cutting taxes. 56% of Hispanics agree that “the best way to stimulate the economy is by cutting taxes across the board for individuals, small businesses and corporations…”
  • “All of the above” energy production. 45% of Hispanics agree that “we need an all of the above energy policy that rolls back excessive regulations on fossil fuels while also supporting the growth of other energy solutions, like natural gas, wind, nuclear, and solar.”
  • School choice. 42% of Hispanics agree that “parents should have a choice when it comes to deciding whether to send their children to private or public school.”
  • Student Debt. 40% of Hispanics agree that “canceling student loan debt is unfair to the millions of responsible students who worked their way through college, made financial sacrifices and managed their finances in such a way that they avoided taking on cumbersome debt.”

“With such a high turnout election coming in 2020, Republican candidates running in key markets and states must understand the many opportunities they have with Hispanic voters if they actively engage with them,” said Alex Lundry, chief data scientist of Deep Root Analytics said in the news release.  “These survey results clearly demonstrate that Republicans can communicate meaningfully with Hispanic voters across a wide range of conservative issues, including tax cuts, energy production, school choice, and student debt.”


The poll’s results also yielded many findings that will encourage Democratic candidates, revealing many issues on which Hispanics overwhelmingly support traditionally liberal policy positions.  This, along with other Univision research that reveals healthcare, cost-of-living and the economy as the most important issues for Hispanics, reveals a promising path forward for Democrats and Hispanic voters.  Here are the top issues where Democrats and Hispanics are aligned:

  • Immigration path to citizenship. 76% of Hispanics agree that “there should be a reasonable path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the US as children, and splitting up and detaining migrant families at the border and raiding businesses with migrant workers are inhumane practices that threaten the lives and well-being of those children.”
  • Medicare-for-all. 65% of Hispanics agree “health care should be considered a right and Medicare-for-All allows everyone to be covered without worrying about costs. Americans will be healthier and businesses wouldn’t have to carry the burden of health care costs which could lead to better pay.”
  • Gun Control. 61% of Hispanics prioritize “controlling gun ownership” over “protecting the right of Americans to own guns.” |
  • Canceling Student Debt. 60% of Hispanics agree“we should cancel some or all of student loan debt to help those who can least afford it and to not saddle students with debts they’ll carry for decades.”

“Democrats have historically performed very well with Hispanics for good reason: they are broadly and overwhelmingly aligned with them across many key issues,” said Charlie Baker, president of Dewey Square Group in the news release.  “The electoral success of Democrats in 2020 will hinge upon active engagement with Hispanic voters on the key issues detailed in this survey, including Immigration, Medicare-for-all, gun control and canceling student loan debt.”

About the study

Deep Root Analytics and Dewey Square Group conducted a national, online survey among N=3000 Hispanics, ages 18+, from Sept. 13 to Oct. 2, 2019. The survey was focused on political views, policy views, and TV media consumption habits. Interviews were conducted among a panel of Hispanic adults recruited by Dynata.

Source: Deep Root Analytics