To commence the 2023 travel and hospitality awards season, Tripadvisor, revealed its Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Destination Awards.

Every year, Tripadvisor analyzes the millions of reviews submitted on its platform over the past 12 months by a global community of hundreds of millions of travelers to uncover the best guidance for everyone looking to make unforgettable memories on their next holiday or vacation.

Rather than relying on a cadre of tourism editors to tout what they believe are the best destinations worldwide for a vacation, Tripadvisor’s rankings are based on insights from millions of real travelers who visited these destinations in the past year and left their feedback on Tripadvisor. All the Tripadvisor community’s favorite travel destinations of 2022, plus its recommendations of the best places to travel in 2023 can be found here.

“We saw a resurgence of travel demand in 2022, and the outlook for this year is bright,” said Sarah Firshein, the head of the editorial at Tripadvisor. “Long-haul trips have made a comeback, and we’re seeing a lot of Americans excited to plan trips to Asia and the Pacific region for the first time in several years. Cities like Paris and London, which may have taken a backseat to less populous destinations throughout the pandemic, are back on travelers’ minds, while places like Alaska and Cuba are also piquing a lot of interest.”

Top Categories

This year, the Travelers’ Choice Destinations span six subcategories: Popular DestinationsTrending DestinationsFood DestinationsBest Places to SkiNature Destinations, and Best Places for Culture.

On Tripadvisor’s perennial Popular Destinations list, showcasing travelers’ favorite destinations overall from the past year, Dubai maintains its No. 1 spot for the second year. As a global hub of luxury hospitality and cutting-edge architecture, the “City of Gold” offers world-class retail and culture catering to the wants and needs of travelers from all over. In the U.S., New York City is back on top after dropping to No. 5 last year as a result of the pandemic. All the Popular Destinations can be seen here.

Cuba is the No. 1 Trending Destination in the world for 2023; this category reveals destinations with the greatest year-over-year growth in interest on Tripadvisor, indicating new hotspots on the rise. Since the U.S. eased some travel restrictions in May, and with the addition of new direct flight routes, appetite among travelers for Cuba has been surging on Tripadvisor. Known for old-world architecture and rich history, the island offers fascinating opportunities for cultural exchange. This is followed by Hoi AnVietnam, at No. 2 and Mauritius at No. 3. Asia is the top trending region in this category, taking half of the top 10 spots. Closer to home, JuneauAlaska, made its debut as the No. 1 Trending Destination in the United States for 2023. Located at the base of Mount Juneau, this is the perfect place for a journey into the gorgeous Alaskan wilderness. All the Trending Destinations can be seen here.

Other Top Interests

In addition to popularity, Tripadvisor is also awarding destinations based on top travel interests: food, skiing, nature, and culture. As many plan trips around opportunities to enjoy the cuisine, we have issued the best Food Destinations list, highlighting locales known for their cuisine as well as those known for their burgeoning dining scenes. Unsurprisingly, Rome is the No. 1 Food Destination for 2023, while New Orleans tops the U.S. list. All the Best Food Destinations can be seen here.

A particularly timely category, with droves of travelers currently in search of epic ski trips, Tripadvisor unveils the Best Places to Ski, according to those who hit the slopes in 2022. With its stunning landscape and down-to-earth mountain culture, WhistlerCanada, is the No. 1 Ski Destination in the world this year. Meanwhile, JacksonWyoming, is the best in the U.S. (No. 2 in North America) for the second consecutive year. From regular, cross-country, snowcat, and even heli-skiing, Jackson has it all. All the Best Places to Ski can be seen here.

New for 2023

New for 2023: the best Nature Destinations. It’s no secret that destinations abundant in fresh air and pristine nature rose in popularity throughout the pandemic. Although big cities are back, the appetite for outdoor adventure remains strong. In this inaugural category, Mauritius is the No. 1 Nature Destination. A tropical island paradise 1,200 miles off the coast of southeast AfricaMauritius is home to waterfalls, wildlife areas, and national parks, making it a nature lover’s perfect getaway. All the Best Nature Destinations can be seen here.

Another new category this year is the Best Places for Culture, celebrating the top places people visit to engage with local history and cultural activities. While every city has its own unique culture, this list reveals travelers’ absolute favorite getaways for a cultural trip, headlined by Fes, Morocco, at No. 1. This walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site harkening back to medieval times with ancient maze-like quarters of the Medina to Fes el-Bali and the four imposing Gates of Fes, with their distinctive Moroccan tile work. All the Best Places for Culture can be seen here.

Top 10 Trending Destinations in the World

  1. Cuba
    1. Don’t miss: wander around the charming streets of Old Havana
  2. Hoi AnVietnam
    1. Don’t miss: Explore Ba Na Hills and the picturesque Golden Bridge
  3. Mauritius
    1. Don’t miss: Enjoy a Catamaran cruise to Ile aux cerfs
  4. Siem ReapCambodia
    1. Don’t miss: the sunrise tour of Angkor Wat
  5. Chiang MaiThailand
    1. Don’t miss: take a Thai and Akha cooking class
  6. Grand CaymanCaribbean
    1. Don’t miss: snorkel Stingray City
  7. Fes, Morocco
    1. Don’t miss: take a walking tour through the charming walled city
  8. Baku, Azerbaijan
    1. Don’t miss: Explore the Absheron peninsula’s diverse attractions on a full-day tour
  9. Kathmandu, Nepal
    1. Don’t miss: hop on a flight for close-up views of Mount Everest
  10. Krakow, Poland
    1. Don’t miss: dive into Polish culture and cuisine with a vodka tour

Top 10 Trending Destinations in the U.S.

  1. Juneau, Alaska
    1. Don’t miss: enjoy a whale watching & Mendenhall Glacier tour
  2. Page, Arizona
    1. Don’t miss: explore Antelope Canyon
  3. Salem, Massachusetts
    1. Don’t miss: join a historian for a history and hauntings tour (pick a nighttime tour for a spookier experience)
  4. Sonoma, California
    1. Don’t miss: take a wine tasting through Sonoma Valley
  5. Tierra Verde, Florida
    1. Don’t miss: immerse yourself in the marine life with a clear kayak tour
  6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1. Don’t miss: take a walking tour around the USA’s original capital
  7. San Juan Island, Washington
    1. Don’t miss: go whale watching from Friday Harbor
  8. Camden, Maine
    1. Don’t miss: relax on a sunset sail around scenic Camden Harbor
  9. Galena, Illinois
    1. Don’t miss: try a specialty cocktail at Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.
  10. Whitefish, Montana
    1. Don’t miss: explore Glacier National Park

See all of the best places to travel for 2023, across all six subcategories here:

The Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Destinations Awards honors travelers’ favorite destinations worldwide based on the quality and quantity of ratings and reviews, specific to each award subcategory, for accommodations, restaurants, and things to do in destinations from travelers globally on Tripadvisor over the 12 months between Nov. 1, 2021, and Oct. 31, 2022. 

* Source: SimilarWeb, unique users de-duplicated monthly, September 2022
** Source: Tripadvisor internal log files

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