Can your neighborhood actually boost the value of your home? Possibly.

When it comes to selling your home, it’s a given that kitchen and bedroom updates will help it sell faster. But there are other amenities that can also help like those in your very own neighborhood.

Here are a few neighborhood and community amenities that you might want to consider:


Hiking Trails

Believe it or not hiking gives a great workout while also taking in the beautiful outdoors. This means neighborhoods with access to hiking trails could be popular to house hunters. If you have any close by, be sure to make home hunters aware.

Big, Mature Trees

Lots of potential homebuyers look for desirable, well-established neighborhoods that have big, thriving, lush trees. Their shade and character offered may even add more than just aesthetics.


New homebuyers are interested in being able to walk around their neighborhoods, and visit with neighbors, go to parks and possibly have plenty of sidewalks. Be sure to list what’s walkable to potential home hunters.

Historic Homes

Historic districts typically have lots of character and charm, and are often located in walkable communities. They help get you out and about and ready to explore surroundings. Even better, historic homes tend to increase in value more quickly than the overall local market, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And who doesn’t love history, right?

Doggie Parks

Buyers like to purchase homes in neighborhoods with parks and tons of green space, and will often spend more to live in communities that have them. It’s no secret we spend more money than ever on our four-legged friends, and of those households, the majority are dog owners, according to the American Pet Products Association. That can make neighborhood pet amenities like dog parks and walking trails even more desirable — even increasing nearby home values. A clean dog park or two can make a neighborhood look and feel friendlier.

Retail and Essentials Nearby

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, quick, easy access to essential services and shopping is always attractive to potential home buyers. Be sure to point out banks, cleaners, restaurants, etc., when a buyer asks what’s nearby.

Future Amenities

Find out what upgrades your city has in store by looking online for planning documents. They should reveal what improvements are planned and when they’re scheduled to be completed. Check with City Hall or community leaders and ask about future growth. Maybe there’s a new mall in the works or new amenities planned for the area. Perhaps new retailers like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or even a Target are on the way, which could further boost home values once the stores enter the neighborhood

Organized Community Groups

Strong community support can provide valuable neighborhood vision which in turn attracts buyers. Things like Neighborhood Watch, keeping-the-neighborhood-clean programs also enhance the desirability of properties within the neighborhood, which could mean higher market demand and better sales prices.

Look around your neighborhood and see what it has to offer and let others know!