If you’re dreaming of a great holiday vacation you best start booking now to get the best prices for where you hope to vacation

CheapAir.com has released its 2022 Holiday Flight-Report, revealing how to get the best prices on holiday travel this year. The report analyzed 11,000 travel itineraries to determine the best-value months to book holiday flights, as well as the cheapest days to travel. This year’s Thanksgiving airfares are trending 25% more than 2021 prices and Christmas prices are up by 28%.

While holiday airfare is expected to remain higher than usual this year, the best way for travelers to secure affordable flights this holiday season is to plan and book early. The report found that the best month to book flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s travel is September, as fares typically increase after that, according to a news release.

“While it may seem like a burden to think about the holidays in the summer, holiday flights are already more expensive than expected,” said Jeff Klee, CheapAir.com CEO in the news release. “Airlines continue to struggle to meet traveler demand, driving up airfare more than usual for this time of year. So, for those on the hunt for a holiday travel bargain, now is the time to plan and book.”

Travelers who can afford either a short trip or a longer one will find the most savings this holiday season. See below for the best days to travel this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.


  • Nov. 22Tuesdays are typically better value days to travel.
  • Nov. 24: Departing on Thanksgiving this year will save travelers approximately $75 per ticket.
  • Nov. 25Travelers will save approximately $90 by taking a flight the day after Thanksgiving.


  • Dec. 24This year the night before Christmas has some of the best savings of the week.
  • Dec. 28-29Travelers can save more than $125 per ticket on average by flying home on Wednesday as opposed to returning the Sunday after Christmas, which is going to be the most expensive day to fly this holiday season.

New Year’s:

  • Dec. 29-30New Year’s Day falls on Sunday this year offering great airfare value, especially if traveling on Dec. 28, 29, or Dec. 30.
  • Jan. 3: Departing home on the Tuesday after ringing in the New Year will save approximately $85 per ticket on average.

Travelers can book their holiday flights early with confidence this year. Not only have airlines mostly done away with change fees due to the pandemic, but travelers who book with CheapAir.com are also covered by Price Drop Payback. This travel protection reimburses customers up to $100 per airline ticket if prices drop after purchase. Additionally, if payment flexibility helps travelers secure an expensive ticket, CheapAir.com also offers monthly payments to make travel costs more manageable.

For more information, data, and insights on the best ways to save on holiday travel this year, check out the full CheapAir.com 2022 Holiday Flight Report.

Source: CheapAir