Austin, Dallas, Corpus Christi…

A new national survey and Rasmussen Reports asked Americans outside of Texas their opinion of the Lone Star State.

The poll revealed the following results:

  • 27% of Americans polled have a very positive view of Texas.
  • 18% have a somewhat positive view.
  • 14% of Americans polled said they have a somewhat negative view of the state.
  • 17% held a very negative view.
  • 21% of those surveyed held a neutral view of the state.

“Overall, the state of the Texas brand continues to be strong and durable,” said Crosswind President and CEO Thomas Graham in a news release, “with Americans continuing to view Texas favorably and recognizing the Texas business climate and family values as favorable traits.”

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The poll showed that Americans outside the state continue to hold a positive view about Texas being a good environment to start a business (53%) and raise a family (52%). When it comes to Texas’s business environment, only 11% of people surveyed had a somewhat bad view, and 12% held a very bad view. Additionally, only 14% of survey participants held a somewhat bad view of Texas being a good state to raise a family, with 18% of Americans having a very bad view.

“These are challenging times for the nation and Texans,” said Graham, noting that the survey of 845 American adult non-Texans was conducted July 11-12 in the midst of national headlines about inflation, rising gas prices, and power grid resiliency, border security, and school shootings. “Despite these headlines, most Americans believe what Texans rightly know: the brand of the Lone Star State remains strong.”

“Rising gas prices could account for an interesting twist in the survey,” Graham added.

He points out that while 56% of respondents believe Texas is a very good (21%) or somewhat good (35%) travel destination for vacations, 61% say they are somewhat unlikely (20%) or very unlikely (41%) to travel to the state for a vacation within the next year.

Graham is also the author of the Branding Texas newsletter that monitors attitudes about the state in national and international media coverage.

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In this survey of 845 non-Texas adults across the United States, there is a +/- 3% margin of error assuming a 95 percent confidence interval. Data for this study were collected between July 11-12, 2022. Adults in this study represent residents of U.S. states excluding Texas. A screener question was used to exclude respondents who currently reside in Texas. Read more about the methodology.

Source: Crosswind Media & Public Relations