Picking weeds, doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the windows are perhaps some of the least favorite household tasks a homeowner must perform at some point.

If you are someone who dislikes these above chores, especially cleaning windows, but loves to look out through clean glass, there are some quick and easy ways to clean them regardless where you reside. If you don’t have the funds to hire someone to clean the windows for you, the answer is to do them yourself.  As for the other mundane chores, you’ll have to figure how to do those on our own.

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how professional window cleaners move so fast with the squeegee, and how the windows always seem to turn out perfect? Well, there are some tricks and pointers that you can follow.

The first tip is to purchase a good squeegee. They aren’t costly overall, but stay clear of those found at dollar and bargain stores. Instead, opt for a professional-grade squeegee that has a very soft, rubber blade with no irregularities. You can also buy extra rubber blades and simply replace the used one when it wears out.

Next, choose to wash your own windows on a cool, or mostly cloudy day. If you must wash them on a sunny day, opt for the morning hours. Basically, you want to avoid heat since heat will work against you.

Now, pull on some old sweats and a T-shirt and get ready to clean.

Getting Ready

Fill a big bucket with lukewarm water and add between 2 and 3 tablespoons of plain ammonia. Use a sponge that has a white scrubber on the other side.

Wet your window with the sponge side, then flip to the white scrub pad side, and scrub the window. You should be able to feel when it’s clean; if you feel rough patches, the window is not clean.

If the window isn’t clean, it’s going to look cloudy when done. Scrub well and take your time until it looks and feels clean.

Clean Cloths, Rags

Be sure you have more than a few clean, white cotton rags/towels/cleaning cloths. Diapers also work well, too. Dry by hand a 1-inch strip at the top of the window.

The key is that there are no streaks left over by the squeegee.

Then, take the squeegee and place it at the top of the window in that 1-inch dry strip. Pull down smoothly. Dry your squeegee blade with a towel/rag etc., between each stroke with the squeegee.

Finish cleaning the window, and if needed, do one last swipe with the squeegee from left to right at the bottom of the window.

Clear as Day?

Then, take a dry, clean cloth and run with your finger down each window side and across the bottom to clean and dry the edges. The windows should look clear enough to see for days on end!

Clean up and feel good that you’ve now completed cleaning your own windows and saved a whole lot of money doing them yourself!