Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize …

Accessories can be the most personal part of any interior space.

These functional and decorative items tell visitors what your interests and activities are, as well as what is important to you. Since you have the freedom to create unique rooms that provide excitement and vitality, why not go all out?

Choosing Accessories

Accessories can be  functional, or decorative, or a combo of both. For instance, you could hang baskets on the wall (decorative) and then use them for displaying fresh fruit or for organizing magazines (functional). Another example would be a specific wall sconce that is decorative in addition to shedding light on boring white walls.  Functional accessories often serve a purpose or need. Examples include clocks, mirrors, pillows, vases, table lighters, lamps, books, and spices in a kitchen or bowls of fruit.

Choose attractive functional accessories with care especially in small spaces since your functional accessories may have to be the finishing factor of completing the room. For example, a chic vase or bowl makes an attractive art object, as well as a container for flowers or other items.

Decorative accessories can be chosen for their beauty. Plants and flowers, paintings, photographs, sculpture, handcrafted items and collections play an important part in enriching a home and spirits.

Keep in mind when you are accessorizing not everything has to match.  Be daring,  experiment with all kinds of combination sof accessories.

Accessories Everywhere

Interesting and inexpensive ideas can be found just about anywhere you look and used throughout your home. Here are some suggestions:

Add Folk art that includes pottery, weaving, woodcraft, metalwork, glass blowing, basketry and many other crafts.

Heritage items, true antiques or collectibles, can be family treasures or found in antique shops and flea markets. An old sign, maps, a stained glass window or old tools, and household utensils add color and whimsy to any decor.

Family photographs are great ways to accessorize. Snapshots can be composed in collages and placed in one frame. Assorted framed pictures can be grouped in a wall arrangement, or put on easels and used on tables or in bookcases.

Travel items can be quick conversation starters that also hold fond memories. Try using  artwork, and travel posters or crafts from your travels in a special room or rooms of your home.

Natural materials, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables can provide important accents in the home. Use seashells, rocks, minerals, stones, weeds, pods or flowers for dried arrangements, or even branches in a pretty glass container.

Plants add vitality to any room. Consider where they will be placed so you can choose plants that will grow and flourish. Plants can sit on windowsills, tables, shelves, or pedestals, or hang from the ceiling.

Pillows can also change the appearance of room. By using various fabrics, trims, colors, designs, textures, shapes and sizes, pillows can balance the room by repeating the colors or patterns found in the room.

In the end, it’s about what you like and how you want to showcase these accessories which will undoubtedly perk up your humble abode.