has a nifty ranking system for colleges which includes how safe campuses are across the nation. It recently released the safest college campuses in the United States for 2019. Along with a safety rating, it has other information that can prove useful to those that are researching the prospective schools that they want to get into, too. We will share the top two safest schools, as well as what other key statistics that are equally important to prospective college students.

Who Has The Safest Campuses?

Ranked at No. 1 is Alice Lloyd College which is located in Pippa Passes, Ky. Niche applies an overall rating by taking into consideration these key things and applying a grade to them:

  • Academics
  • Value
  • Diversity
  • Campus
  • Athletics
  • Party Scene
  • Professors
  • Location
  • Dorms
  • Campus Food
  • Student Life
  • Safety

The last one on the list, Safety, naturally has an A+. However, the overall score of the school is a B- when considering all of the other factors.

There is also other information that may be pertinent to those researching schools. You can see admissions information which includes the acceptance rate. For Alice Lloyd College, the acceptance rate is 22 percent and gives you a testing score range for the SAT and ACT, which is 910-1130 and 18-25 respectively. It also has a chart that plots peoples GPA and their ACT scores, showing the full range of people that have been accepted.

No. 2 on the list in terms of safety is Molly College in Rockville, N.Y. Niche also gives other details about the colleges it lists. For instance, this college is a Catholic school and is ranked No. 55 out of 165 in the nation among schools of its kind. Moreover, for those who play sports, it also reveals what division they are in, which NCAA Division II, though they do not have football. It also shows other rankings, such as it being ranked No. 86 for nursing among 599 schools.

In sum, all of the factors that we listed above are broken down more thoroughly as you scroll down the page. So, you can see things like what the cost will be broken down by average household income, why it ranks the way it does in academics by taking into consideration student polls and teacher-to-student ratios, as well as the most popular majors that people are graduating with.

Why Does This Matter?

Knowing as much as you can about the school you want to attend only makes you more informed in making a final decision. If you have the money to travel to the campuses that are on your list, you should do it since nothing is better than getting an in-person feel for the school.

However, many people don’t have this opportunity. As such, the Internet and tracking down people who would know what the college campus is like would be the next best option. Really take the time to learn everything you can about the schools you want to attend so you aren’t surprised by things such as a poor campus culture or a weak academic program.