The family’s summer bathing suits and swim goggles are packed away for the most part and the school bell has rung loud and clear. Yes, the new school year is in full session around the country and it’s back to reading, writing, and arithmetic.

And regardless of how organized and prepped you and the kids were for the first day of the school year, the major stresses and strains at the onset of a new academic year may still be lingering. Whether you need more school supplies or your morning and evening schedule needs some tweaking, consumer expert, Andrew Krasny shares tips and tools to keep the school year running smoothly.

Some of Kransy’s tips include:

Take a Last-Minute Vacation: There’s never a wrong or bad time to think about taking a relaxing family getaway to take during those breaks throughout the school year.

• College Ready: Prepping for college entails a lot more than gathering up some shiny new school supplies, For example, whether it’s a new apartment or the first year in a popular dorm, make sure your new digs are ready for the year ahead.

• Tackle the Mess: Back-to-School means returning to the boring laundry routine which most likely includes washing dirty sports uniforms and trying to get rid of tough stains. Are your washer and dryer tuned up and ready to work overtime?

• Make Time for Family: Dinner doesn’t always mean racing home to whip up a meal. Think about alternative options for mealtime such as visiting the family’s favorite restaurant when schedules get too nutty…

Any or all of these tips could help you now wade through another long school year making it easier for you, as well as your children aka the students.

Source: MultiVu