Why research your home value?

A home appraisal doesn’t always mean you are looking to put a for-sale sign on your lawn. Maybe you just want to get an idea of what your home value is at the current time. Or perhaps you’re starting to think about selling your home but first want to know what to expect from its value.  There are numerous reasons why an estimate is very important on such a large investment. We are here to help you find out in a short period of time.

Select Student Services is here to help you with your free Annual online appraisal and help you get the estimate you’re awaiting. These appraisals are concluded with the latest data such as property records, recent home sales, and neighborhood information.

Members can receive their free annual appraisal by contacting us today.

Need help editing some of your writing material?

Our editors will help you improve the style, organization, clarity, and tone of your writing material. They will also correct any errors and highlight potential problem areas with suggestions on how to improve them. You can have our editors help you with cover letters, emails, letters, personal ads, social media posts and comments, personal correspondence, term papers, reports, presentations, research papers, essays, written assignments, and many more.

Take full control of your finances

Lifestyle and financial goals can unexpectedly change at any time. As such, it is very important that your financial analysis is concluded by a professional. Your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T.). Reviewing your financial situation can also help identify if there are any strategies that can be in your favor. These strategies could include reviewing your investments to ensure you have the right products to suit your current situation and goals.

 The phone consultation can help identify ways to help structure yourself financially and navigate you in the right direction.

What’s in your credit report?

You being a member automatically qualifies you for a free annual credit report which a financial professional will also review. It’s a freebie! Don’t pass it up.  Your credit report plays a major role in your credit transactions and many other financial relationships.

Reviewing your credit report annually will help you make sure it is in good shape and you know exactly what to expect when you need to apply for new credit. What about identity theft? You might find names you don’t recognize, social security numbers your not familiar with, or accounts that don’t belong to you. National credit reporting companies can help you stop the credit fraud and prevent future misuse of your identity.

Good credit can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the course of your life. Make sure it remains protected year-round.

Notifications for your important deadlines!

Select Student Services is here to help you remember when important deadlines need to be met, we can be that little sound that reminds you something needs to get done. Our notification center is built to relieve some of the stress and taking the task ourselves. You may find yourself needing to turn in some documents on a specific date, but at the same time, you are busy with your daily activities and may forget. Select Student Services will remind you by phone, mail, email, and soon we will have the option to notify you via SMS.

This will free up some of your time and allow you to better prioritize your days.

Tax preparation services

Members who are looking to file their income taxes have the opportunity to have them filed annually at no cost. The qualifying terms would be making a taxable income of $66,000 or less, not claiming any dependents and file as single or married filing jointly. The tax preparer will evaluate your personal information, sources of income, payments, credits and tax in more detail to determine your eligibility. It’s a simple tax form but it is always best to have a professional help you with such a sensitive matter.

Tired of reviewing your writing? Let us take care of that for you.

We have a writing team excited to proofread your writing. You took the time to write, but now you want to make sure everything is perfect, a little proofreading from our writing team can really help make the difference. They will provide you with a revised document in which spelling errors, grammar errors,  and typos have been corrected. They will also make changes and suggestions to help improve the readability, structure, clarity, and better flow. The document will include tracked revisions so you can see and review all the changes that were made.

To finish things off the writing team will include comments and a short summary of the work that was done.

Blog Articles

We are proud to introduce our blog section, which includes some informative articles on just about anything you can imagine. This is your chance to learn about finances, real estate, education, even lifestyle.

Our writers spend hours doing research to write the perfect articles for our members.