Even if you live in an apartment versus a home you should still think about spring cleaning.

After spending the winter months inside you’ve most likely collected more “stuff,” that needs to be given away or at least boxed up until you need it next year.

Here are some ideas for spring cleaning your apartment and getting more organized in celebration of the season known for rebirth and revival.

Box It

Remove holiday items and other related winter accessories. Either buy storage boxes or get free ones from the local grocery store and pack away anything that has to do with winter and colder months. Store it in your storage unit if you have one at the apartment’s property (if they allot you a space) or rent a smaller unit at local storage center.

Dust Away

Find you old feather duster, get a can of furniture polish and/or soft old cloths. It’s time to get dusting. Look for all those dust bunnies that have accumulated under furniture, etc.

In the Trash

Get rid of old magazines, publications, and all those expired newspapers that have become mountains in the corner of your living room.

Fresh Bedding

Alternate your bedding, comforter, toss pillows and rugs with spring designs. Treat yourself to fresh, new linens and bedding to lighten up the ambiance in your bedroom. Fold and store heavier blankets, etc. until autumn.

Wear Protective Gloves

Do a thorough cleaning from top to bottom in your place. Fill a pail with soapy water and wear rubber gloves. Start to wipe down everything in your apartment from the stovetop to the bathroom counters.

Add Good Smells

Buy aromatic candles, fresh fragrances and/or buy yourself  a bouquet of fresh daisies, roses, etc., and place them in your favorite vase on a table. All of these things will make your apartment smell delightful and signal spring has arrived.

Bring Out the Vacuum

Make sure to vacuum all carpets and rugs, and try sprinkling a little bit of baking soda or carpet freshener to get rid of stinky winter odors.

Bye-Bye Winter Clothes

Reach into all your closets brimming with winter clothing, remove and store until you need the warmer sweaters, coats, etc.

Garden Ready

Plant an herb garden and place it on your balcony, or if you live on a bottom floor, plant seeds in colorful pots outside your door to add some pizzazz. You can pick up seed packets at local home or dollar stores.

Let the Sun In

One easy and great way to welcome spring is to clean all windows inside your apartment with a a squeegee and some soapy water or glass cleaner.

Now that you have done all of these activities it’s time to rejoice and celebrate spring.  You’re place is clean and organized; it’s the perfect occasion to invite friends and family over. Make some appetizers, serve some cool drinks and take in your terrific surroundings.