Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful since you won’t be the only one trying to get out of dodge.

And should you find yourself stuck at the airport, or bus station, and worried about being late to your destination, there are some ways to relax. In other words, try to make self-caring your top priority wherever you are.

No, you don’t need a yoga mat, or a safe space to get relaxed. Follow these tips and you’ll just maybe keep stress from destroying your trip, according to the web site

1.Deep Breaths

Stuck standing in line with suitcases and screaming kids? Take a deep breath. In addition to easing anxiety, deep breathing stabilizes blood pressure, and slows the heartbeat. Don’t know how to take a breath and need some help? Luckily, there is an App to help. Breathe is a default breathing App for the Apple watch and iPhone, but Universal Breathing and Breathing Zone are also helpful, according to the web site

2.Do Meditate

If you’re already in the habit of breathing deeply, try to work on some meditation skills. Although relaxation is not actually the goal of meditation, it’s often a happy side effect of the practice, along with reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and better circulation. The goal of meditation is to stay in the present moment. There are many types of meditation, so choose one that feels comfortable to you, according to the web site

3.Wash Your Hands

Some say washing any part of your body in warm water will calm your nerves and muscles. However, washing your hands with soap also kills germs that can make you ill. Remember, airplanes and their recycled air and dirty areas are breeding grounds for germs and potential illnesses, according to the web site

4.Enjoy a Healthy Treat

Don’t rely on eating from airport or bus station kiosks, they are chock full of junk food. Sure, a sweet vending machine snack might give you a fast rush, but the inevitable sugar crash won’t help later on. Instead, search for fresh, raw fruits, veggies, and proteins from the newsstand or sandwich shop in your terminal.

5.Fidget Around

Do something to keep busy: Twirl your fidget spinner, crochet. Busy fingers may quiet an active mind.

6.Clean Out Your Purse, Laptop

This is the perfect time to remove all the junk floating around the bottom of your purse. You can also clean out your inbox and start deleting items from your laptop.

7.Move Around

A short lap around the terminal can ease your mind, loosen tight muscles.

8.Dream About Paradise

Even though you are stuck inside an ugly airport or bus station, you can use creative visualization to take a vacation inside your head. Imagine yourself at your dream location. What are you doing? What music is playing? Since it’s all in your head, there are no limits, according to the web site


They say laughter is the best medicine to relieve stress. Watch a funny movie, trade jokes with the person sitting next to you, or simply think of your most hilarious memory. Even if you don’t find yourself cracking up at these flashbacks, the simple act of smiling can reduce stress, according to the web site

10.Write it Down

Yes, do write down thoughts in your journal to lift your spirits and stress. A study out of Stanford University reported keeping a gratitude journal can reduce stress by 27 percent. Research subjects at Yale reported that keeping a gratitude journal resulted in higher alertness, determination, and energy, according to the website,

11.Unplug, Disengage

Many studies report unplugging from the phone and other tech devices can be a fast way to reboot the brain. Hyper-connectivity takes a toll on people, psychologically and physically. If you are trying to use your flying time to get some rest or combat jet lag, avoid looking at your devices before nodding off, according to the web site

12.Hug a Loved One

Did you know that hugging releases oxytocin, a stress-busting hormone, into the bloodstream? It also lowers blood pressure and anxiety, and getting hugged improves pain tolerance, and boosts immunity, according to the web site If you are traveling with an animal, petting has been shown to give similar benefits to the person giving the pets and the animal receiving the pets, too. So, bring Fido along!

13.Call a Buddy

If you are feeling alone, call someone, even if it’s just to say ‘hi, how are you?’ They will enjoy hearing from you and you will waste time.

14.Catch Some Zzzzs

Just be sure before you try to nod off that you secure your luggage, and set an alarm clock in case you don’t wake up.