Learning has taken on a whole new direction in this age of COVID for students, teachers, and parents alike.

During the fall 2020 semester, K-12 teachers asked their students 60% more questions during in-person instruction compared to remote instruction. It’s a stark reminder of the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to students and educators. As K-12 schools implement reopening plans for 2021, decision-makers require empirical data to fully consider the impacts on instruction, according to a news release from Ask2Learn.

Big Challenges

Parents and educators know that virtual instruction is challenging. In Fall 2020, the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many teachers to quickly transform their instructional approaches to accommodate large-scale virtual instruction. The first challenge was deploying a virtual learning experience that is intended to be effective and engaging. The second challenge was actually measuring and understanding the impacts on instruction when interacting in-person or remote. Educators can’t improve what they can’t measure, according to the news release.

Fortunately, teachers across the globe continued to use Ask2Learn every day to capture their in-person and virtual teaching sessions. These recordings were automatically transcribed and analyzed by the Ask2Learn AI. This yielded a large dataset of never before available, real-world metrics from K-12 teachers across grades and subjects, the news release added.

What We Know

Here are four facts from the Ask2Learn Teacher Growth Platform for the Fall 2020 Semester:

  1. 60% More Questions were asked during in-person instruction.
  2. 95.2% More Critical Thinking questions were asked during in-person Math classes.
  3. 83% More Content Related questions were asked during in-person ELA classes.
  4. 67% More Classroom Management was taking place during virtual instruction.

Virtual Instruction

Educators using Ask2Learn know these facts for their classes and are now adapting to bring virtual instruction more in line with quality in-person instruction, according to the news release.

Ask2Learn is the Teacher Growth Platform. Ask2learn captures teacher audio and analyzes the lesson to provide educators with objective feedback on every lesson every day. Ask2Learn uses speech recognition and artificial intelligence to automate the analysis process. This enables Ask2Learn to deliver observations and actionable feedback at scale rather than the once-per-semester observation most teachers get today.

The data set for this analysis includes 717 teacher recordings. It includes 311,267 teacher utterances and 46,145 questions that were asked by teachers. The data was anonymized and aggregated to compare instruction across grades, subjects, and delivery formats.

Source: Ask2Learn