Many of us see the new year as a fresh start filled with excitement and opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. New Year’s resolutions play a big role in that excitement, but do they work? According to, only 8% of people achieve the goals they set at the start of the year. With such a low percentage of success, it’s clear that most people are either setting goals that are too lofty, or they are giving up on their goals too easily. Toastmasters offers these five goal-setting tips to help more of us achieve our goals in 2023.

  • Reflect. Start with reflection from a place of positivity. Think about the things you accomplished in 2022 and ask yourself questions like: What are you most proud of? When were you the most productive? What is your lesson for the year? What new thing did you try? When asking positive questions, you create a positive expectation that you will be successful and that your goals are possible.
  • Dream. Time to toss out all the goal-setting rules and tap into your true desires, hopes, and dreams. They don’t need to be specific, measurable, time-bound, or even realistic at this stage. Allow your mind to explore your primary aspirations. What you truly want is likely not easy or something you can accomplish in one year.
  • Plan. Be sure to create measurable and specific deadlines that will help you to hold yourself accountable. When you make an actionable plan toward your goals, you cut out the noise and become clear on your direction.
  • Strategize. When you want something to happen in your life, you need to make changes to get it done. Achieving goals is no different. It takes sacrifice, planning, and dedication. Strategizing for each objective is the number one step you can take to achieve your life goals faster.
  • Implement. Now it’s time to schedule your goals and review them regularly. Block out time each week when you focus on working on your goals. Goal appointments are non-negotiable, and this dedicated time will help create momentum. Also, review your goals regularly to track your progress and how close you are to achieving them. Scheduling and reviewing your goals regularly will help to keep them at the forefront of your life.

    For more goal-setting advice and tips, read Sara Mayer’s “How to Achieve Your Bold Goals” in the “Toastmaster” magazine.

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    Source: Toastmasters International