Pondering a visit to the West Coast, Florida, or New York?

The travel industry may be changing but as the world adjusts to living safely during a pandemic, people are again gaining confidence to travel.

CheapOair, the flight focused agency, looked int its consumer habits data and identified Labor Day travel trends that imply an upswing in the industry overall.

According to a CheapOair data news release, there has been a 250% increase in customers searching for travel options ahead of Labor Day Weekend and that number is escalating as the popular holiday weekend approaches.

“As always, we advise caution while navigating travel in the age of COVID-19 but we’re optimistic that both airlines and popular tourist destinations are adapting to the new guidelines and safety precautions,” said Sam S. Jain, Founder, and CEO of Fareportal, owner of travel brands CheapOair and OneTravel in the news release.

Unlike years past there is less focus on particular destinations. Around 80% of consumers searching for trips are seeking value over location by opting to plan their vacation around locations that will garner them the best deal.

Interestingly, customers looking for a specific destination sought out flights to Las Vegas, which was the top location searched by CheapOair customers.

“More than ever, consumers are looking for budget-friendly options when planning travel, and now is a good time to take advantage of lower than usual ticket prices. While we usually see a dip in prices after Labor Day, more airlines are keen on incentivizing customers during one of the year’s peak travel seasons,” Jain said.

Source: CheapAir