Are you tired? Stressed out over work, life? In the mood for a strong massage? Maybe an herbal wrap or an old-fashioned steam? If you’re a busy person you should be able to answer yes to all the above.

Ask yourself when was the last time you had a moment to yourself to relax, collect your thoughts or just let your mind stop spinning with every day chaos? If the answer doesn’t come fast, you know it’s been long enough and it’s time to visit the spa.

Did you know there are various types of spas from day spas to medical spas? Knowing which one you would benefit most is helpful to booking an appointment in the near future.  Are you someone who wants to check in for an hour and leave? Or are you the type of person who longs to spend time at a five-star hotel where you’re treated like a star?

Regardless of your spa choice, in the end, just keep in mind the most important reason to take yourself to a spa is for the relaxation factor.

Types of Spas
Day Spas
are designed around a limited timetable, and offer a host of services that you enjoy in a day or even a few hours. For many spa-goers, these types of spas work best because a visit can be scheduled to fit your individual calendar. A reputable day spa can provide nearly all the ambiance you find at resort spas. These spas usually offer facials, manicures, massages, body treatments, and much more. They are also considered the most common choices for those seeking a quick, but restful spa experience.

Resort Spas are full-service spas located inside of a resort accommodation like a 5-star hotel. These usually have a laundry list of services that are provided in a paradise-like atmosphere to make you feel as if you are on vacation, keep in mind this type of spa can be expensive. However, if you want to be treated like royalty, look no further than the resort spa.

A Destination Spa may be able to help you focus on finding your inner self. These spas are designed to help you become more centered as you leave everyday life behind. Sometimes, these are weekly or even monthly excursions which include special meals consisting of healthy foods, exercise, and often have full medical staffs. The purpose of a destination spa is to bring the guest back in touch with the wellness of their being. Not so much a vacation as a rejuvenation of spirit. Though it varies by location, activities common to this kind of spa are rock climbing, biking, yoga, heart-healthy culinary education, and any activity that returns you from day-to-day stress.

Medical Spas are specialized establishments given over to therapies that are targeted against specific maladies or individual wellness issues. Though the medical spa, destination spa, and the day spa treatments may blur, the specialized treatments found at a medical spa often require certified and/or licensed healthcare professionals to be on staff. Some treatments found at a medical spa could include plastic surgery, acne treatment, leg vein removal, laser hair removal, to name a few.

The Cruise Spa is for the most part, a day spa at sea, however, don’t think treatments are limited. Many say that a sea going spa is a fine way to see the ocean and experience the fresh salt air. The spa experience aboard ship can be a like no other because there are some built-in advantages that you may not on land.

Whatever spa type you choose, do enjoy yourself and remember to relax since that’s why you embarked on the experience in the first place! Leave your cell phone, and other electronic devices far behind as you treat yourself to a day — or more — at the spa!